Reno Wedding Photographer


What is "Digitally Mastered Photography?" [top]
Digitally Mastered Photography is our process of capturing, digitally editing and subtlety enhancing an image to truley portray the emotion of that particular moment. It's all about taking a great image and making it better.

What is your "Style" of photography? [top]
Our style is a combination of Photojournalism (storytelling, non-directed), Traditional (posed formals - directed candids), and Fashion / Illustrative (fine art - dramatic). Of course it is your day, if you don't want any posed photo's we won't shoot any. However your wedding album not only documents your wedding day, but your family history as well. Our Story Book Wedding Albums are designed to completely document your wedding day, and are customized to your specifications.

Other photographers tell me Medium Format is the best,
do you use Medium Format?

Not any more - We shoot 100 percent digital. Medium Format has been the format of choice for professional wedding photographers for many years, its larger negative is capable of very sharp - large - prints. However the shear bulk of the camera was not compatible with our fast paced shooting style.

We went 100 percent digital in December 2001, and are creating images far superior to any we created using film. For our style of Wedding and Portrait Photography we feel Digital is far superior in every way. Give us a call, we love to talk about digital photography.

Can I get both Color and Black & white? [top]
Every image we shoot can be printed in color, black & white, sepia tone or any combination. Another advantage of shooting digital.

Do you include the negatives? [top]
Since we are "film-less" there are no negatives. At this time we are not offering our RAW digital files for sale.
We do offer low-res images, not suitable for printing, for sharing by e-mail and for use on the web.

What kind of Cameras and Equipment do you use? [top]
Professional Digital Cameras manufactured by Fuji, Canon and Nikon, handheld light meters, diffused external flash units, and a variety of zoom lenses.

Do you offer "Wedding Packages?" [top]
Sure, however, we customize our wedding packages to meet your specific needs. Each wedding is unique, and we work with you to provide services that fit within your budget. Our packages are designed as a starting point and can be customized to fit your needs..

Where are you located? [top]
We are based in North Lake Tahoe, Northern California and also have an Office/Gallery in Reno, Nevada. We are available for both for domestic and international travel.

When do you charge for travel? [top]
There is no travel charge for weddings within the Lake Tahoe / Reno area. Travel in excess of three hours requires hotel accommodation the night prior and the night of the wedding, plus airfare, mileage and expenses.

Can you accommodate requests for specific photo's? [top]
Yes, we will make every effort to accommodate special requests, but cannot guarantee that all requests can be photographed. If you give us the time, we will get the shots you request, but not at the expense of fully documenting your day.